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Published by jack elliot

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me.


If I start a highly rated novel and find that I am not enjoying it, or a friend has recommended a novel and I find it unpalatable

I tend to think I must be missing something, that there is something amiss with my reading.

But now I tend not to worry about that kind of thing and stop.

Is there any pleasure to be had in studying literature you don't like? In coming to terms with the view that some stuff is "good" but you just don't like it?

Well, that's a different question altogether.


we all have different life experiences,

we all have different tastes.

I never recommend books or films now.



Before lockdown, I used my local library which meant it was very easy to stop reading after one to three chapters if I wasn't getting any pleasure from reading a book. During lockdown, I started to re-read books that were on my shelves, which resulted in a major book cull as I realised I just didn't want to read quite a lot of them and never would.

However, during lockdown I also bought books online and I find it more difficult to stop reading a book I've just bought than one I'd just borrowed.


As a lover of books, I would in the past always pass them on after reading if I didn’t keep them. 

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