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Sleep is a state of body and mind

where a person’s nervous system,

sensory perception and action of voluntary muscles

are inactive and inhibited.

It is essential to be content and be in happy mood. Not having adequate sleep increases the urge to reach for comfort foods such as chips, ice cream, burgers, sandwiches and others that are high in calories.


A person who gets at least 5 to 6 hours of sleep enjoys the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. This helps to perform well and keep the feeling of tiredness at bay.

With regular sleep and wake up schedule, you will feel energized and refreshed. It shuts the mind off which gives the body a restful state and the needed time to rejuvenate and revive itself.

Someone who is sleep deprived finds it difficult to focus and learn efficiently. Sleep is essential to support complex thought process and logical reasoning.

Sleep is required to maintain speed, accuracy and endurance. This helps an athlete to have good reflex action and have grounded nerves.

Sleep deprivation makes a person lethargic and slows down the activity of burning carbs in the body. Further, poor sleep habits brings in negative thoughts and increases worries.

Sleep plays a key role in the healing process. So in case of sleep deprivation the body loses physical resilience and becomes vulnerable to become sick easily.

Sleep is required for the body to repair and build muscles. It stimulates muscle and tissue growth.

Good sleep is required to solidify memory and aids in long-term memory storage. It strengthens the connection between neurons and brain cells that are responsible to store and transform information from one brain area to another.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining your health. It is just as important as working out and eating healthy. So one need not interfere with the natural sleep patterns and have a quality sleep every day.

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