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Published by jack elliot

Theatres are falling thick and fast,

with no funding, more worryingly,

no answers from the government.

It is baffling that pubs,


and restaurants can re-open,

and yet theatres still have no timetable

and no answers.

Theatres don't have drunk people

wandering around,

forgetting about social distancing

once they're a few drinks in.

Nor do they require wait staff

to wander around the theatre during a performance.

In many ways they're perfectly set up

for safe re-opening -

box office have full details of anyone

ywho has bought a ticket,

so track and trace is much easier

than a pub or a restaurant.


they operate on much lower margins than cinemas - but with some funding and some imagination,

this can be worked around.

Outdoor venues,

distance between families,

selling every other seat,

short shows and no intervals -

theatres have the innovation and the ideas,

they are just waiting on the go-ahead.

The lack of answers from the government

is baffling.

When there's a timetable in place for churches, cinemas,


and gyms to re-open,

but not a single word on theatres,

the industry can only ask:

is this incompetence?

Or does the government actually want to see

the collapse

of one of the most financially prosperous

and long-standing British traditions into the gutter?

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