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Published by jack elliot

Science is about evidence, not belief. 





I think this awful pandemic has realigned a lot of people as to what is really important. If has brought out the best and worst in us. It is giving us time to reflect. We are nowhere near as invincible as we thought we were. It has accentuated the extent of individual selfishness and ignorance. But it has also highlighted heroic acts of compassion and humanity (Eg the Indian Sikhs and their mobile kitchen) that tell you what living a good life is all about. Let’s hope we come out of this one day as a better, more compassionate race.


If you look at things like the rate of loss of sea ice, shrinking glaciers and ice sheets, melting permafrost and changes to the northern polar jet stream and deep ocean circulation, it could be argued we are seeing the beginning of such changes now.



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