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Published by jack elliot


Relying on market-based solutions to protect the environment, like relying on any significant, large organisation to self-regulate, is fundamentally flawed and lazy (and possibly only truly invoked by those who don’t sincerely want scrutiny).



protecting the environment

cannot be expected to be cheap.

The environment will always be eroded, especially with the current parties in power. There will always be a compromise expected from the base position of current status quo. The current status quo will always involve a degraded environmental position compared to any previous status (position/review).


The magic of the market was lost

when it's only ever two companies

who dominate the business,

generally speaking.

We even had to pay a huge

dairy deregulation levy

to get to a duopoly.


The "magic of the market"

consists of making large amounts

of public money

disappear into thin air.



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