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Pope Francis:
Complaining Is Not An Attractive Quality



Pope Francis’ preached a message

that all of us need to consider,

and is especially important for  all people

who are looking for a lasting relationship.

He warned that complaining about others

and circumstances

damages the heart and takes away hope.

Never enter “into this game of living on complaints,” he said.



Why is this important for  all people ? 

everyone tries to put their best foot forward and one more way to make yourself attractive — by taking the Pope’s words to heart and being someone who reflects hope and has a joyful attitude, despite your difficulties.



Some  people  thrive  on  disaster or difficulty.

They focus on the worst of every situation

and if they can’t find something wrong

then they look for ways to make the situation a negative one. It’s exhausting to be with such people.


But how great is it to be with someone that can always find the upside in any situation?


 It’s refreshing to be with someone who is flexible, versatile, and accepts challenges with a positive attitude.

Now that’s attractive,

and exciting.

It makes you want to be around that person

and go through experiences with them.


Pope Francis illustrated his message by turning to the Gospel passage of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus and their utter dismay at the death of Jesus, the one in whom they had placed their hope. He noted how all they were doing was complaining and they couldn’t recognize the Lord, who was right there with them. Their conversations made them withdraw and become depressed, sulking in negativity.



“But at that very moment,”

the Pope continued, the Lord is “close to us, but we do not recognize him.” Jesus was “patient with them,” he said, first listening, then explaining, and in the end He revealed Himself to them. Jesus “does this with us,” the Pope said, even in our darkest moments.

That is the most important thing of all to remember,

because knowing God is with you makes life worth living

and is the motivation to get through even the toughest times.








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