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Published by jack elliot

People need to feel confident; at the moment there doesn't seem to be a clear direction of travel from the government, nor are important messages being given to the large numbers of citizens who seem rather uninformed. What does seem obvious is that social distancing, an effective test track and trace system are imensely helpful to slowing the spread. The government has so far failed on the latter, and as a result of mixed messaging too many people don't seem convinced of the importance of the former.
If people think there is a coherent plan, they may be willing to understand that it is still a 'long game'
but that patience is worthwhile.
With creativity and imagination it is possible to keep many parts of the economy operating safely, but those businesses that depend on people gathering, may have to take a hit. It is up to the government to soften the blow as effectively as they can, but the safety and health of the public must always come before economic considerations. People should not be prevented from working at home just to prop up gyms, pubs coffee and sandwich outlets etc, nor the commercial property market. These kinds of enterprises have played too big a part in our economy and we should take this opportunity to rebalance.
As for anxiety and stress, there are ways to mitigate this, whether it be through, nature, relaxation techniques, music and meditation. I gather that meditation that can teach you to live in the moment, and bring relief from constantly thinking about the past and future. Maybe this advice is glib but thanks to the internet we can easily find out more about helpful strategies.
On a slightly more sombre or negative note people, perhaps especially,but not exclusively the younger members of societyshould do more research on the complexities of this virus. They might learn that in the USA many young people are suffering more severe symptoms and also that when you think the virus is over in your body it can keep coming back to bite you in a myriad of ways. If they knew how many organs and body systems this virus can invade, they might not be so complacent.

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