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Published by jack elliot

I think it was Al Gore that said in many respects,

politics is no longer left against right,

it’s more the politics of hope

against the politics of fear.

Fear usually wins in the short term, you can play on folks’ fears to manipulate a decision, but it can only work as a political tactic for so long. When the people realise that there is no reason to fear, or folk get that fed up with the continual negative campaigns, slogans and tactics, they move over to hope. Being continually told ‘no’ and everything will be shit will turn people away as let’s face it, people want to be told things can get better.

We are at a crossroad now.

There won’t be a U.K. in a decade now,

we have crossed the Rubicon up here

and saying ‘no’ is not a long term viable position to hold. There’s nobody that is credible for the Unionist side,

Ruthie only managed to get to the high point by hoovering every ‘staunch’ vote going. She won’t be back and the Tories are imploding now, Labour also won’t be getting their votes any time soon and other than Orkney and Shetland, the Libs are just about non existent now. We are effectively a one party state up here now with the English nationalists being the Tories holding everything in England.

This will eventually break the Union. One of the Tories will have to do it, one of them will eventually say ‘we should let Scotland go’ and that will be it.

To quote Pete Wishart in his speech the other day - it can be done democratically and with good will on both sides or it can be done with rancour, bitterness and hostility. Going by the response later from the government benches it will be the latter.

We will be getting the politics of fear....

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