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Published by jack elliot


Facebook is a toxic influence in our societies.

If our democracies ultimately fail this century

it will be in no small part

due to social media undermining truth and responsibility.

Corporations have no loyalty to any form of government except that with which they can come to a mutual arrangement for profit and power.

Democracy, autocracy, totalitarianism, fascism. It makes no difference to people like Zuckerberg.


Corporations have plenty of loyalties to banks and big business joined at the hip by the Tory party.

acebook is a threat to media outlets like de Murdoch press, Mail, Express and the Telegraph, that's why some people who write in the press attack social media.

The power of the above named press

clamor to cut off the head of Zuckerberg ,

the money stream must not evaporate that flows into their propaganda machine, news outlets they are not.
(As a side thought the whole Russia affair will if things go to plan mean far reaching powers to 'curtail' social media by GCHQ, and the mandarins from MI5/6. the Labour party is being outwitted and outmaneuvered by forces far more sinister than Moscow)


6 corporations own 90% of US media


Maybe these bastions of journalistic integrity

don't like the 'new kid on the bloc'

and as far as the television media

goes YouTube is increasingly threatening

the dominant position of t.v. networks
Oh the jeopardy that awaits us

if the 6 corporations no longer inform us

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