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Published by jack elliot


is this meant to be a startling revelation?

Despite spending almost twice as much as the NHS

the US can't even provide health care to all of its citizens.

Needless to say this is exactly the same model the conservatives wish to import into the UK

as soon as they can find the right PR tactics

to rationalise why the English have to pay for healthcare -

from a propaganda point of view COVID is the perfect study.



For the last few years, US politics has seemed devoid of integrity after the ascension of Trump, bringing forward the nations decline on the global stage. From election fixing to thinly veiled racism and and everything in between, Trump and his family have demonstrated their moral depravity excellently, using the most powerful office in the world for their own personal advancement.

Surrounding them are their cronies, ranging from the Bush-ultras of Bolton to the right wing mouthpieces of Steve Bannon, whose crimes against decency are just as bad as their masters. They sit in their gilded cage, watching their backs on order to maintain their place. When they fall from grace their is the chance to make some money from their memoirs, but it is imperative to aid the Democrats: as is the devotion of the Trump cult.

American politics has become a tragedy for democracy, witnessing the use of foreign powers to win elections and power becoming a tool for self enrichment. Hopefully, this will not be the case after November with the election of a party who aren’t content with nominating an arrogant demagogue to run for President; If not, the world is in for another four years of misery due to the incompetence of Donald Trump.


Don't just blame Trump, blame the pharmaceutical companies as well. They are complicit in the deal Trump has negotiated. The development of successful drugs draws on a huge pool of global scientific knowledge, but it is the end producer who creams off the profit. The model has been broken for a long time. Covid-19 has simply brought the situation into sharp focus. But which company would dare to say "America last" ?



God help anybody trying looking for an equitable trade deal with America at the moment...

actually, I don't think this situation will change very much for the better, even if Trump loses to Biden in the Election... America will still be the Country it is and primarily putting itself first and looking for ways to help its own perceived interests.

We could and should be learning gigantic lessons from this whole Pandemic situation but I really do fear that we are in danger of learning the wrong lessons and looking towards protectionism and isolating ourselves from the dangers rather than realising that we are all in this together in this World and that locking ourselves into ivory towers is no solution or way out for the problems we are increasingly going to be facing.

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