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The Hedgehogs only real wild enemy is the Badger

 slug pellets are lethal to hedgehogs and be very very careful where you put rat poison. I have at least two visiting hedgehogs,I put high fibre cat biscuits and water out for them. I used to have one living permanently in my garden but sadly he has gone missing. I fear the worst as I rescued a poisoned hedgehog a couple of months ago,he died, hence my warnings about slug pellets etc. Also beware strimmers and of course bonfires.If you get regular visits,you won't have a slug problem and they are an absolute delight to watch in the dusk!


Although America and Australia are pretty good about forming groups to save endangered wildlife. Though pity about the Tasmanian Tiger.....it is what goes on in the Seas and Rivers that is deeply worrying. The Everglades are being taken over by dumped Pythons. While an invasive fish called the Snakehead, though fun for Fishermen and good eating, is destroying all natural species, whether with fins or on four legs (even small Countries). It is an Alpha predator and some states are using posters, advising any caught must be killed. Spreading rapidly and can live for days out of water, moving overland to new habitats. Already out of control in Florida.
The Hedgehogs only real wild enemy is the Badger, (also declining)

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