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Published by jack elliot

Most people experience Covid-19 as a short-term illness:

once the infection has been fought off, they bounce back to health. But evidence is emerging of a significant minority – sometimes referred to as

“long haulers” –

who struggle with long-term symptoms for a month or longer.

Anecdotal reports have abounded of people left with fatigue, aching muscles and difficulty concentrating


 it was difficult to gauge the scale of the problem. 

This is a really serious problem for a minority of people

who have Covid,

 Some people have long-term effects that look like

a post-viral fatigue syndrome.

Scientists are only just beginning to investigate

the potential causes of enduring fatigue,

but say that there are likely to be a wide variety of reasons

why some people face

a longer road to recovery.


Fatigue itself will take on lots of different guises,

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