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Published by jack elliot

Scottish neurologists have noticed that  

mildly affected or recovering patients 

of Covid19

have got serious or potentially fatal brain conditions.


The full range of brain disorders caused by Covid-19

may not have been picked up yet

, because many patients in hospitals are too sick

to examine in brain scanners or with other procedures.

What we really need now is better research to look

at what’s really going on in the brain,



One concern is that the virus could leave a minority of the population with subtle brain damage that only becomes apparent in years to come. This may have happened in the wake of the 1918 flu pandemic, when up to a million people appeared to develop brain disease.

It’s a concern if some hidden epidemic could occur after Covid where you’re going to see delayed effects on the brain, because there could be subtle effects on the brain and slowly things happen over the coming years,

but it’s far too early for us to judge now,

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