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Published by jack elliot

The most flattering apology for this  English government’s handling of coronavirus is that containing it was a sheer impossibility. I almost agree with this statement for a sole reason: their austerity caused lack of preparation.

The  English Conservative party have had a horrific record in government when it comes to public services, their budgets depriving them of what they needed in order to run at full capacity. In 2016, it was discovered that in the event of an influenza pandemic that the NHS wouldn’t be able to cope. In spite of this, there was no effort to procure an emergency stockpile of PPE and other essential medical equipment that was vital during the crisis, putting thousands of lives at risk. How would any government sleep at night with the farce and misery they created?

Now, we are stuck in limbo due to the lack of preparation, late lockdown, and early lifting that have contributed to the ONS declaring 67000 excess deaths. This is a tragedy for many and has been caused by the destruction of our health service over the last decade. If things had been different and people were protected over profit, then we could have been in a different situation now: I don’t trust in their ability to do things better with the reorganisation.

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