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The true test of a good government,

’ Alexander Hamilton wrote,

‘is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration.’

It is a test the United States and Britain

have failed ruinously during the current crisis.

A clue is in east Asia countries....

India was supposed to fulfil Anglo-American fantasies:

an Asian country that combined democracy with free markets and would be a counterweight to authoritarian China.

The American Enterprise Institute welcomed him as India’s version of Reagan and Thatcher; Obama claimed that he reflected ‘the dynamism and potential of India’s rise’.

After six years of Modi’s rule,

India is further away than ever

from matching the material achievements of China,

let alone those of Western countries;

Japan was Germany’s most assiduous pupil,

and the Japanese,

in turn, inspired China’s first generation of modern leaders, many of whom spent years in Tokyo and Osaka.

Despite the defeat and devastation of the Second World War and the US occupation,

Japan has continued to influence East Asia’s

other late-developing nation-states:

South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

South Korea, like India, took political inspiration from its former coloniser. Born and educated under Japanese colonial rule, Park admired and attempted to imitate Japan’s swift emergence as a major industrial power. Like the Japanese, he looked for guidance to Friedrich List, the German economic protectionist, rather than Adam Smith.

Johnson’s U-Turn on “there’s no such a thing as society” and promises a ‘New Deal’ for Britain. Biden, abandoning his Obama-lite centrism, has rushed to plagiarise Bernie Sanders’s manifesto. In anticipation of his victory in November, the Democratic Party belatedly plans to forge a minimal social state in the US through robust worker-protection laws, expanded government-backed health insurance, if not single-payer healthcare, and colossal investment in public-health jobs and childcare programmes.

Johnson is not the right person to make much needed reforms

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