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Published by jack elliot

It takes heavy lifting to persuade the public to pay any extra tax, but it’s a politician’s job to lead, and who better placed to prove his skills than the great booster-in-chief, who managed to persuade the country to vote for a self-immolating Brexit?

Johnson persuaded the country to vote for the self immolation of Brexit because the country was primed by decades of anti EU, nationalistic propaganda, deep ignorance about what EU was and what Brexit would mean to the voters who were lied to on industrial scale. Johnson made Brexit voters feel good their prejudices, ignorance and the never properly cured imperial delusions.

This feel good factor would be impossible to repeat arguing for the imposition of the wealth tax. Tax rises are about the wallets not the emotions and are based on hard calculations not nebulous nostalgia. Johnson wants to be the good time jolly chap despite his mini Churchill posturing. Not for him the blood and tears of higher taxes to rebalance the society and rebuild the economy For this you need a true statesman thinking about the country and not a vacuous clown seeking popularity and only capable of generating empty slogans.

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