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Published by jack elliot

We are not all in the same boat.

We are all in the same storm.

Some are on super-yachts.

Some have just the one oar.

Your boat might be a luxury cruiser with the mortgage paid off, all mod cons. The next door neighbour’s might be a dinghy seeping with leaks of grief and poverty, being tossed from side to side with great uncertainty and not enough lifejackets. Down the street there is a yacht bobbing away but completely isolated and lonely with a one-person crew, trying to signal to others that they still exist.

Scotland needs a ‘virtual school’

If Scotland truly is a “world leading digital nation” then this could be staged in a week. It would free up tens of thousands of hours of preparation and mixed methods of delivery that teachers and schools are trying to undertake in 32 different ways across a small country, an Occam’s Razor to deliver one thing – simple, open access websites – that delivers one thing – education.

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