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Published by jack elliot

On a Bicycle


I love to ride my bicycle


it is freedom for me


I do not ride fast


I just plod along


just three gears


A city bike


I loved cycled in Tokyo


I loved cycling in London


I love cycling in Glasgow


I loved cycling in Berlin


I love cycling in Krakow


I loved cycling in Copenhagen


I have cycled in many cities


I have never cycled in USA


I have never cycled in New York


So it was nice to travel 


With those on BMX in NYC


Travelling opens your eyes

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Great post dear jackelliot!<br /> Tokio, Glasgow, Kopenhaga, Berlin and London.<br /> I was inly in Glasgow, Krakow and Berlin... ;)<br /> Greetings from Poland my dear mate!<br /> Lord Frog <br /> kreja2000@gmail.com
To zawsze przyjemność usłyszeć od ciebie.<br /> <br /> Lockdown w Krakowie<br /> <br /> To jest coś innego<br /> <br /> Czekam na otwarcie granic<br /> <br />