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Published by jack elliot

Why can't Britain do things more like Germany?  - Britain has a very adverserial style of politics and an election system the punishes those that seek consensus or coalition. In Germany consensus and coalition is the name of the game. I think there has been one Federal Government since WW2 that had an outright majority, all others work in coalition at Federal and State level. In Germany 40-45% of the populate vote would never secure you a parliamentary majority. Going to work everyday with people you don't necessarily agree with and somehow working things through is a thing in politics just like it is for most people going to work! In Westminster the incentive is to chase the portion of the vote that gives you a parliamentary majority and until that changes the style of opearing in public and political life won't change. ( I understand that other parts of the UK don't have FPTP systems, and neither do City Assemblies).


The English Government whose policies are based on lies, fantasies, nationalistic bluster and the oomph, composed by lying shower of nodding dogs chosen for their ideological devotion to the delusions of Brexit and led by a clown pathologically addicted to lying has always been destined to fail in the task of competent management of this pandemic.
Rationality, pragmatism, hard work and competence of German approach wins hands down over lazy and murderously irresponsible populism both here and in other countries.



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