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Published by jack elliot


England is set on copying Russia..

.where Cummings learnt his dark arts trade...

permanently on the fringes of Europe

in every sense...

and make an enemy of the EU

and so blame the EU

for all the country's woes...

ignore basic human rights..

.ruled over by an oligarchy set on establishing a dictatorship...with obscene levels of poverty and inequality whilst the filthy rich stuff their offshore vaults with their ill gotten proceeds.

So what if there's some hungry children?

So what if parts of the country becomes fractured and unruly?

So what if much of the media are uncritical and subservient?

So what if anyone in a position of power has to tow the line?

So what if freedom of speech is illusory?

So what if certain groups of people are made scapegoats?

So what if lying is now the norm?

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