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Published by jack elliot

The countries that implemented travel bans early on in the coronavirus pandemic begin  are now starting to open up, But it is just now  that  UK is considering for quarantines for those that travel to Britain. 






It is causing some incredulity in Europe when the country with the most deaths and by far the most new cases and daily deaths is insisting on a quarantine for visitors from countries that are now considered to be safe.

Notice how Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy have opened up to most European visitors but not for Britons!


The incompetence and believe in centralised control is a major part of this. Because so few of those anywhere near Government have ANY scientific training, they do not know what questions they should ask and they genuinely believe that they are capable of 'leading', by some magical process. (Or it might as well be for them.)

They do not not know what they do not know nor what they should know. The level of abysmal ignorance is appalling, coupled with with an arrogance that discourages them from asking and learning.

This is more or less inevitable when the ability to talk and supposedly critique in dead languages or pontificate about political or philosophical theory is viewed as more important than practical knowledge and critical thinking. Very sad.


I just don't know what it is with us, we are either getting everything backwards or just plain wrong...

We seem to have just begun to realise that test/trace/isolate is important but not at the start when it could have had a major effect but when the epidemic is well and truly established and it is going to be much harder and less effective to do...

and we didn't think we needed to screen incomers at the start, when again it could really have made a big difference but we seem to think that doing it now things are already out of hand is a good idea...

It is obviously party down to the incompetence and the dogma of Johnson and his crew but why haven't Government scientists and medical experts being speaking up about this before now?

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