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Published by jack elliot




Even without a garden.


We could grow things.


Growing plants.


Growing nice plants


Growing creation.


Even in a lockdown.


With a hand of seeds.


Seeds, seeds, seeds.


Tiny wee seeds.


Lavender seeds.


All needed was Sun.


Feburuary to March


Lockdown had begun


So put the seeds -


Cold into the fridge.


Waiting for Spring


Waiting for the Sun.


March to April


Still in Lockdown.


Spring had come.


Lavender seeds


Out of the cold.


Onto the windowsill


Into empty joghurt pots.


Sprinkling some water.


Lockdown everywhere


Water sunshine seeds


Starting to create a life


A life of Lavenders.


Just waiting on the sill


Waiting in the joghurt 


Waiting for the Sun


As you wake to see


To see if they sprout.


Each morning.


To the Windowsill.


Each morning.


To the joghurt pots.


To seed the seedlings


To sprinkle water.


To sprinkle words.


Lockdown still continues.


Paris- Belfast - London


But we are happy.


Happy with our wee world.


Happy with creation.


Happy with our selves




April to May.


This lockdown 2020


Lavender seeds.


Popping up their heads.


Popping to say hello.


Alive on the windowsill


Alive in the four walls


Alive in your house.


New lives created.


Spring creation.


Bringing Joy.


Bringing Life 


Bringing colour.


Bringing Hope.


All is good in Lockdown.


As Spring ends.


May to June


Lockdown continues.


Summer has begun.


2020 in collective captivity.


Yet there is freedom.


Freedom on the windowsill


Movement of the leaves.


The lavender seedlings.


Have grown.


Enough to see them flitter.


Potential to soon blossom.


Potential to give hope.


Each morning as we greet.


Each morning to just  linger.


Linger at the joghurt pots


Where the Lavender smiles.


Indeed there is blossom.


Blossoming Lavender


Here on the windowsill.


From just a few wee seeds


Here we have the Lavender.


Growing and giving.


Sharing Lockdown.


All is good.






All is good.


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