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Published by jack elliot

schools have never closed.


There is an important difference in what teachers and childminders are being asked to do - and this is in no way a negation of the work that, for example, retail or delivery workers have been doing throughout the lockdown. The vital difference is that they are being asked to spend prolonged periods of time (on average 6 hours) in a relatively confined space with a large (max 15) group of people who are very likely to require close physical contact. They have also been told that PPE is not required in these circumstances. With all due respect to the vital shop staff, delivery staff etc who carried on working, those workers have been in environments where adults who can socially distance spend the minimum amount of time; perspex screens, gloves and masks have been issued (and shoppers are often wearing masks and gloves too), and those jobs are highly unlikely to involve any physical contact between those key workers and a member of the public.

And I feel I must mention again, because the word “re-open” annoys me - most schools have never closed.

Many thousands of people place their free time in support of others instead dedicating their time to the pursuit of wealth. Indeed there is a massive hidden economy of people offering their time for free. Money is just a conceptual idea. It is a tool. Amoral. We give it status. We value things.


Perpetual growth is false. We need an economy structured on stability, sustainability and maturity to give sufficient quality of life for all without the destruction and consumption of the planet.

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