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Published by jack elliot

They said there would be a ring of steel around care homes in January.

Of all the failures

this ranks as outright indifference

through neglect incompetence

and a surrender

as far as the government was concerned to the inevitable.

no lessons

have been learnt

and none of their fabled sinews

are being pressed into service

to effect an improvement

in the neglect of homes, residents and the workers in them during this emergency.

it is useful to think harder about why the NHS is holy and the care home sector can be thrown under a bus.

 at root,

blame lies with the eternal English class system. 

Think back to the creation of the NHS, 

the arrangements put in place then,

to placate the powerful lobby of the BMA.

The international drug companies (and, these days, the medical device companies)

treasure as consultants leading members of the BMA.

They inform the search for lucrative new drugs

and cash cow medical devices (implants, imaging machines, heart surgery).

Leading lights in the BMA get into the Queen's Honours Lists, t

he House of Lords etc etc.

Compared with all that, the care home sector is little more than a rubbish dump.

The pharma lobby is there, in every country.

But where else than in England

does the establishment

add to corporate profits

the glamour of gongs for leading surgeons and physicians.

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