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Too many of our politicians and aides

are hypocrites.

How many Labour MP’s own homes in London but claim second homes at taxpayers expense?

How many Conservative MP’s have travelled despite telling others not to.

Even the Greens are hypocrites.

Caroline Lucas criticises others for flying,

then regularly takes flights to NYC.

Anyone who thinks MP’s, advisors and aides

live like the rest of us, are clearly deluded.

There are too few earth polticians.

The problem is not only what Mr Cummings has done, but what the prime minister does not do.

The worst possible course would be for the government to seek to assuage anger or divert attention by announcing or floating a premature relaxation of lockdown rules. Its advice has become increasingly muddied and confusing, and the messages defending Mr Cummings have added to the risks that others will disregard it. In one regard only its position is now clearer: as long as Mr Cummings remains in place, it is saying that lockdown is for the little people. And as long as it treats the public with contempt, it can expect that contempt to be returned.

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