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Published by jack elliot

Health and lives cannot be ruled by market forces alone



 People are "resources."

And thats ok if you treat the resource well. Like you would with the water supply.

Treat it well and all will be well.

What "people" (meaning "workers")

should not be is a "commodity" like copper, or coffee, or gas..

. Under the present regime in England,

workers are a commodity to be bought and sold

at the cheapest price achievable by the market.

Labour-cost is the highest cost factor to any business, which was one of the great attractions (to capitalism)(and totalitarian states) of slavery.

Unless you were a slave. Current enslavement practice means placing workers in debt (preferably a lifetimes debt - "hey lets get them to buy a decent place to live that they cannot afford...") which shackles the wage-slave just as effectively as it did under slavery. The gradual erosion since WW2 of "social democratic values" by successive british governments has led directly to where english workers find themselves today. Atomised. Fragmented. Disorganised. Demoralised. And fed a diet of bread and circuses. Having elected with a majority the barbarian Johnson. Betrayed by their own stubborn refusal to free themselves from mental slavery with the active encouragement of socialite socialists like Blair Benn Brown etc. Until reality hits the fan (as with the virus) when they find themselves under the hammer of the free market system where dog eats dog and the bottom line is clearly revealed in all its glory - profits and not "people" who accepted their fate like livestock following the goat in front as it heads towards the abattoir.

 “personnel” was rebranded as “human resources”.

It depersonalised employees and put them on the same footing as stationery and desks,

to be bought and discarded at will with no consideration of them being people. It started okay with the warm statement that a company’s greatest resource was its staff but quickly redefined employees as cost centres devoid from wealth they created by doing their jobs and their existence as flesh and blood human beings. It just got worse from that point on and people can barely think of employees in any other way.

From that time on, humans became something t

hat supported the economy rather than the economy being something

that supported humans.

Until that changes, nothing else will and the free-loading billionaires who title themselves “wealth creators“ when all they do is skim off wealth created by others and hoard it in tax havens will continue to treat others as nothing much more than disposable paperclips.

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