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 from 20.05. the dental office is opened.

Patients will be admitted using the following safety procedures:

The appointments are made only by phone. 

Patients will be qualified for admission during a telephone conversation prior to each visit. 

In the event of disease symptoms or a temperature above 37.3 (please measure the temperature on the day of your home visit before your scheduled visit to the office!) - you will need to change the date of the PHONE visit. 

The day before your visit, please also confirm good health and your presence! 

The visits will be scheduled, but the time between visits has been extended so that no patient has direct contact with other patients. 

After admitting the patient, both the office and the waiting room undergo full disinfection, and the doctor changes personal protective equipment.

Please visit Punctually at the appointed time, without accompanying persons (children with only one guardian). 

Please take care of your physiological needs and brush your teeth at home, because in an epidemic the TOILET IS CLOSED (available only as an "emergency").

It is necessary to come for a visit to the PROTECTIVE MASK AND to stay in it permanently. The mask can be removed ONLY FOR MY RECOMMENDATION, just before treatment.

AFTER THE PUNCTUAL arrival at the designated time, DO NOT attempt to enter the building or office alone.

PLEASE CALL through the DOMOPHONE, even if the gate is open. After the front door opens, please approach the Cabinet door.                                      I will be there waiting for you and open the door. I will conduct a special epidemiological interview for potential contact with Covid-11, and measure body temperature with a non-contact thermometer. A visit is possible with a negative interview and body temperature below 37.4 You will then receive shoe protectors.                    IMPORTANT! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING in the office (door handles, doors, walls). Leave outerwear in a designated place. 








Take out the necessary items (e.g. wallet, cellphone, etc.) and put it into the specified pouch and take it with you to the chair.

Before the procedure, already on the armchair, the hands are disinfected, the disposable gloves are put on and the epidemiological interview is signed.

Before performing the procedure, I ask you to remove the mask and put it in the pouch, and then rinse your mouth with an antiseptic for 30 seconds. After the procedure, we put the mask back on. 

Payment for the visit takes place on the armchair - please, if possible, pay the deducted amount and put the money in the given plastic bag.

Before leaving the office, the patient puts on outer clothing, takes off the shoe protectors, then gloves and throws them into the bin.

Please be advised that the price list for treatments has changed. In short: anesthesia 30 PLN, biological dressing: short-term -100 PLN long-term -150 PLN      filling - from 200-300 PLN. During the epidemic I do not carry out preventive and hygienic treatments (stone removal), extensive aesthetic treatments and root canal treatment. In case of pain, ad hoc assistance will be provided. 









Due to the very arduous work and the extension of hygiene and epidemiological procedures, the conversations will be reduced only to those serving the treatment, and subsequent visits will be arranged by phone.                                            

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