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Published by jack elliot

It's human nature to get irritated when encountering groups using the same infrastructure in different ways. Lorry drivers, taxi drivers, car users, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians can all get annoyed by each others' quirks. But they all have a right to be there.

While cycling is very safe, cyclists are still more vulnerable than most road users. Give them space. Follow the highway code and give them the same space you would a car. If there isn't room to pass safely, then wait. I've lost count of the number of times a car has passed me dangerously close, only for me to catch up at the next lights. Being a jerk will rarely get you to your destination any quicker.

This is especially true at the moment, when there may be many less experienced cyclists on the road, and they may be pulling out unexpectedly to keep distance from people on the pavement.

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