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Published by jack elliot

This year i have chanced upon a revelatory way to ensure maximum seed sprouting.

I sow seeds into any trays small enough to be secured in a large freezer bag

(i can fit your average 4-6 'pod' seed tray in a bag and secure it)

and leave them in a spot that gets a couple of hours sun in the morning.

The humidity and bright light has seen Zinnia's sprout within 48 hours (17 out of 18!)

and a basil seedling appear within 4 days!

I can't believe it!!

I open the bag during the day and place them out in the sun

and then in the evening they're back in the house.

I've never sprouted so many seeds in such a short amount of time.

Also, if you don't have any space on windowsills,

they can be hung on curtain poles, door handles, cupboard corners,

etc, thus allowing even those short of space to 'get sprouting'.

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