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If nurses (for example) are key workers

but only earn so much

and spend a large portion of their wages on housing

then there's at least one thing that could improve their conditions.

Build them social housing

within commuting distance of their trusts

and subsidise their rent.

As soon as this is over it'll be back to business as usual and the lowest paid will be told there's nothing left in the coffers because of all the bailouts, grants and subsidies needed to feed the greedy monster we call the economy.

As johnson lies in the ICU

benefiting from every resource the NHS

has is thrown at HIS recovery

he might reflect on  his attitude  so far.

Meanwhile many will suffocate to death

because of a lack of those same resources.


It might take a short while but him and his mates will soon be back to burning £50 notes in front of the homeless and nurses, given a shiny medal,

Nurseswill be back using foodbanks.



The devaluation of work in relation to asset values has been caused by central banks around the world printing money and suppressing interest rates.

Less than a generation ago, one could buy a single family home for 4-6 years salary and for a monthly wage even a low skilled worker could buy 6 ounces of gold.

These days, a monthly wage will buy you just 1 ounce of gold and in a London suburbs for example it would take 20 years to as much as 50 years.

The coronavirus pandemic

will make this situation even worse.

While banks will receive trillions of freshly printed money and the tsunami of money will raise asset prices and salaries of top 5%, average worker's wages will be devalued even further, average worker won't earn enough to rent a dog house.



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