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The instinct in Spring is to nest.


Create a new nest.


Spring clean the old one.


Us like birds have the instinct.


The spring instinct.


Our unique connection with nature.


In deed a complex relationship.


Children now have freedom from schools.


They have woods and fields, hills and gardens 


That are all filled with discrete magical places.


Tunnels and dens and refuges


In which one can hide.


and feel safe.


Nests abound throughout.


A secret world


Nests are seasonal.


Just for a season


and then abandoned.


Birds teach us well.


Our homes could be like Nests.


 Temporary abodes.


Home for me was  in many  a country


Many cities, villages and hamlets.


Abiding in more than a thousand.


Now in isolation with many of  my memories


Fluttering from place to place in my mind


Before when my isolation lasted a year.


I dreamed to visit my Mull and Iona.


I dreamed to return to Korea.


Then when this last isolation ended.


I, like a bird, flew, - and migrated again.


Happy with freedoms.


Even in isolation we have many a freedom.






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