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Published by jack elliot


There is something about

slowing down

and enjoying the nature

in our neighbourhood 


Before this coronavirus

we may have  been jumping in a car and been  whizzing past

a lot of nature

under our noses

in order  to get to a national park,

 but there is all this 

nature all around us. 


So we should take time to appreciate what’s on your doorstep 

– it’s there, 

but we don’t often stop to notice it.


If you are lucky enough to have trees on your street,

give them a bit of your attention. 


Most of them will be coming

into leaf right now,

and some will be flowering. 


They may not be the biggest

or the most exciting trees,

but they’re there all year

providing oxygen,

taking pollution out of the air

and providing shade. 


We often don’t even notice them,

but they do us

amazing amounts of good.”


Stopping to study a tree

for 10 minutes

may not be strictly adhering

to the guidelines for being outdoors for exercise,

but we could take a photo

to look at it later.

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