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Published by jack elliot

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors survived through all of the diseases from hundreds of years ago?


Well hundreds of years ago in the Medieval ages,

our ancestors from Europe had to survive a deadly plague called the Black Death.


have you ever thought how our ancestors were affected by that disease?


Our ancestors had to live through the Black Death and were affected by the Black Death emotionally, physically, and economically.


So many people had to live through the Black Death and were hurt emotionally that they had to lose their family and friends all because of the Black Death.


a lot of people thought that the Black Death was a punishment from God and the angels. people thought they were being punished for their sins.

Seracambi who was an apothecary drew a drawing that showed the Angels shooting arrows at people to kill them. this is what people thought was happening in the medieval ages.

Seracambi drew many deaths of the Black Death.

when he made records of these deaths,

he started to draw images of what was happening in the Black Death.



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Hello Jack,<br /> This is nothing like the "Black Death" It is a Flu! What is happening is that the financial US is in a world of hurt but it won't be let to fail AS IT SHOULD. This dear Jack is the start of a civil war. Greed, power and the end of a great nation are close to an end. Nothing except God could stop it from all happening and not even he will.<br /> Enjoy your day Sir. May it be blessed<br /> Trish