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Published by jack elliot


Factory farming 


 The modern practice of raising animals for food  is in  factories.


Farming in extreme confinement.


This is do  in order to maximize profits. 


There the animals get  massive doses of hormones and antibiotics, 


The animals have their entire lives 

in terrible miserable conditions

 until they are eventually  slaughtered. 


It is not nice.

It is a complete suffer for the animals


It is not a farm.

 It is more like a torture camp.


Factory torture animal camps

 is not about the care of  individual animals.


 Some animals will die

 as a result of disease,

 and intensive confinement, 

but they still carry on

 because it is still profitable overall.


Hormones are given to animals

 in the factory torture animal camps because they cause the animals to grow faster, produce more milk and produce more eggs, which leads to higher profits.


 Large numbers of animals living in intense confinement mean that disease could spread like wildfire. 


Animals also fight and suffer from cuts and abrasions from their cages,

 so all the animals are treated with antibiotics to minimize losses from infections and the spread of diseases. 


Also, small, daily doses of certain antibiotics cause weight gain. 


This means that the animals are over-medicated, 

which causes bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. 


Which leads to virus such as the coronavirus.


Both the antibiotics and resistant bacteria reach the consumer in the meat.


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