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Published by jack elliot

Cycling is allowed in Germany, even away from your home.

Here in Munich we are only a short hop from the pre-Alps

- stunning views of the high mountains

and many marked cycle paths/trails

and quiet roads.


the huge parks in Munich

are packed with people in this warm spring,

including many young children riding bikes

and wobbling around the paths (good for them!).


Getting into the outskirts of the city especially towards the mountains

is a fabulous way to relax

and stay healthy enough to fight this damn virus if its strikes.

So a proposal:

Governments can now prioritise the bike

as a safe and sane method of transport.

Cut the car emissions that damage our lungs.

One of the few positives of this terrible time

is that it gives us a platform where voters in the UK

and elsewhere might go for such a radical plan.

For example:

restrict all urban traffic to 30 kms an hour.

Put bicycle paths on dual carriageways in towns

and restrict theses to single lane.

Replace many street parking options with cycle lanes and wider pavements.

Turn many suburban/smaller roads into dead ends for all but emergency vehicles.

Allow bicycles to travel against traffic on one way streets (a usual practice now in Munich).

Introduce bicycle priority roads with central bollards to slow traffic

(common already in Munich).

Mark long distance cycle paths to encourage cyclists

to get out the city but also to take them on safe and enjoyable tracks and small roads.

Give a tax break to encourage individuals and families to cycle.

Tax second cars as we should second homes,

unless there is proven necessity. ...

Cycle to health and happiness!

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