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Published by jack elliot

yesterday we learnt that one of the gvt's genius ideas for ramping up testing was to hand over testing to, ahem, Deloitte! And unsurprisingly that testing facility has been such a disaster some hospitals have stopped having any dealings with it as they demand that gvt allow hospitals to run it.

Letting an accounting firm run a medical, what kind of people come up with these genius ideas? This, after they bypassed regular makers of ventilators to ask the likes of JCB to make ventilators which failed the regulator's test!

The answer is so painfully obvious.

In spite of how often we indulge in our exceptionalism, our govt & democracy and business culture are as corrupt as those of a banana republic. We would be rolling our eyes if we read that a gvt in a developing country was handing covid-19 contracts to firms that regularly donate to the ruling party.

But here we are.

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