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From what we know of the coronavirus it's highly contagious but 80% of those who succumb to it only have mild to moderate symptoms.It's the over 60's and those with chronic health problems who're the most likely to have more serious symptoms and ultimately die.So bearing that in mind can we honestly say the government is doing all it can to contain the virus should the pandemic reach our shores.And the answer to that is a definite NO.

Large numbers of people can't self-isolate because they haven't the financial means to do so.Additionally we have 4.8 million people in this country who have no entitlement to sick pay.So if they've had contact with someone with the virus or who've come down with it but only have mild symptoms they'll probably still go to work because they can't afford not to.And that in turn may well put untold numbers of other people at risk of catching the virus.

And what about the millions of elderly people and chronically sick people who're most at risk ?

In a pandemic if they stay at home who's going to do their shopping for them?

Or do something basic like empty their rubbish

if they live in a flat ?

For it seems to be the case that even if they wear a medical mask that won't offer them much in the way of protection.

What the government has done so far may well be sensible albeit belated.However i really don't think they've even begun to prepare for a worse case scenario where large numbers of people are in lockdown but still in need of a wide range of goods and services.

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