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Published by jack elliot


We learn so much from play.


Playing is fun.


Playing is an experience.


Playing is fun.


Formally learn after playing.


Play whilst formally learning.


Experience the joy of learning.


Joy of learning through play.


Goodbye unhealthy stress.


Just play.








We learn so much through playing.


Realising that playing is good.


Playing is productive.


Playing is effective.


Testing for a curriculum

that  is beyond life itself.


Life after all is playing.


Enjoy learning through play.


The most successful schools…...


The most successful countries…...


The most successful students….


All have playing as their cornerstone.


Nurturing capacities that support.


We all develop through play.


Given us the many ways

 to think for ourselves.


Allowing us to excel 

in whatever we choose to do.



 but the most happy way

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