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Published by jack elliot

Avoid unnecessary travel

Change your ICE car for electric -

2020 will see a much larger availability

of affordable electric cars on the UK market

Invest in a community solar farm

( one that was invested in in 2015

has given out an a guaranteed 7% dividend every year)


invested surplus income in more Community Energy projects

Stop voting for political parties

that have fail to deliver on tackling the Climate Emergency.

Brexit actually gives the UK an unfettered opportunity

to make a dramatic leap forward

in terms of embracing the green economy

and decarbonising transport,

but promising £5 billion for buses is cheap talk

and worthless if these buses are diesel powered.

Electric buses are 100% practical,

viable and deliverable right now

and it is a question of political choice

not cost,

as their life cycle cost is way lower

than a diesel engine equivalent.

Gothenburg in Sweden and other cities around the world

are converting to 100% electric bus public transport

by the end of this year,

so there is ZERO reason why the UK cannot be the same.

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