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Published by jack elliot

To-do-lists can be helpful in work,

especially if your work involved heavy multitasking.


Or to get through certain situations

(changing house, renovation etc.).


But in everyday life and especially for free time

to-do-lists are pure source of anxiety,

because most people these days are craving

for some amount of flexibility.


Allow yourself to be free whenever you can,

allow yourself not to stick to agendas and lists

whenever you can and you'll have much more peaceful,

much happier life.

happiest days are the days when you wake up

and don't know what you are going to do,

just to what you most like,

most cherished memories from travels

are from moments when you did not trudge along

the must-see-places route

but allowed yourself to get lost

and see what's behind that corner and that once.

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Good Morning Jack,<br /> Hope you have a day like that soon. I plan on having one of them today!!<br /> Take care<br /> Trish
<br /> days that just happen<br /> <br /> brilliant<br /> <br /> .