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Published by jack elliot

 The real problem with smartphones is that gazing at them for long periods, for whatever purpose, is removing the user from the real world and its non-human inhabitants, animal and vegetable .

We are already seeing consequences of behaving as though the planet is there for human convenience.

It's hard to see how the natural world is going to be rescued by people who don't even look at it.


Although a major problem is the shortening of attention span. People don't gaze at phones for long periods.

Or at least they dont gaze at the same screen image

for long periods.

They constantly flit from app to app,

between different web pages,

unable to think about any given thing

for more than 10 seconds.

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Hello Jack,<br /> I was attending a funeral today and I saw many people checking the phone. Can you imagine!!!<br /> Sad when you can't even respect the dead. At times, Such is Life!<br /> Trish
So sad and yet so true<br /> <br /> embrace the day with memories<br /> <br /> .