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Published by jack elliot


Gardening is mutually nourishing,

you nourish it

and it nourishes you

which is what one thinks of

when one considers the nature of love

in its true sense.


I think of plants, not as single entities, but as collectives.

A plant leaf is similar to a flower

(they contain the same DNA)

but so different in morphology,

often taste, smell and function.

But the whole collection of insects, microbes,

other plants and animals including ourselves)

are part of an even wider community.


The weird thing is that it is such a complex process.

Some people cannot bear brassica vegetables

because they are super bitter tasters.

That is biochemical.

I wonder sometimes

if there is a basis to being 'green fingered'?

Do plants respond to different people in different ways?

Scientifically we have a pile of information

(not necessarily knowledge, but information)

about the effects of plants on us through receptors,

memories etc.

We seem to know little about the subtle effects

of us on different plants.

Perhaps we are too people centred and focused

on the effects on us.

I think I need more plant derived stimulation (caffeine).

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