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Published by jack elliot

An interesting aspect of the population and ecosystem balance is an unbalanced population will degrade the environment.

A degraded environment is bad for welfare.

Where (deer) populations are balanced to allow their environment to become richer they have much higher welfare ..

they are able to seek shelter, to feed on a wide variety of plants, these rules of course figure for all species, including humans.


For those who are opposed to lethal control the issue is not the killing but the welfare involved in that ..

the quicker the kill the better.


We are the apex predator!

We are top of the food chain because of our large brains.

we need to do everything from a more sustainable, environmentally friendly approach

(including the raising and eating of animals for meat).

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Hello Jack,<br /> Well I am sure the vegans of the world not agree with you. I like a good steak or a roast pork but dislike deer. But you can have all the deer meat you desire!<br /> Trish
<br /> <br /> Venison is lovely to eat<br /> .
the same thinking to you, I suppose to reduce eating meat too
in moderation is brilliant<br /> <br /> .