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Published by jack elliot


One day last year we had no Foxgloves, the next day we did.


Like the Triffids,

as one got to about 5ft tall -

and at the start I thought to remove them,

but the bees were all over them

and at the end of the Summer last year

we had about 10 of them.


They are beautiful too

- purples and whites

and some a sort of bluish colour

and loving the shade in our garden.

I look forward to seeing if we get some this year......

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Hello Jack,<br /> <br /> All I can add it that they are huge!!! As long as the bee's love them, please let them be!<br /> <br /> Trish
.<br /> <br /> They are fictional<br /> <br /> They are from the book Triffids<br /> <br /> .