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Published by jack elliot

A few years ago in Germany

you could buy 12 bottles of beer in a crate for 8 euros.

Once you’d drunk the beer

you handed back the crate and empty bottles

and got 3 euros back -

the bottles were washed and reused.

A far better approach to recycling

than melting the glass down and remaking the bottles.

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Hello again<br /> Why is it most days I don't have to take a " test" for crosswalks and lights....and then another TEST<br /> You trust me email or you don't!!!<br /> Today is the last day I will take a test...........If they don't go away........I SHALL!!!
<br /> I wish you well with any tests that you may befall upon someday
Hello Jack,<br /> In the US they did it also with soft drinks. Made a lot of good sense. They don't use much today!!!<br /> Trish