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Published by jack elliot


Electric  scooters are often  bad.


They should be part of a city's overall transit plan.

It is that they have been dumped on the streets for profit, with not a care about the obvious consequences.

And in this day when every other person is a borderline narcissistic sociopath, sadly, we need strict regulations and enforcement.

Every day scooter riders are on the sidewalks

in San Francisco, sometimes travelling at high speeds.

Every day people have to walk around illegally parked scooters on the sidewalk.

One scooter operator here is now out of business,

having forged city documents to operate.

And that is indicative of how businesses operate in the new economy: ask forgiveness not permission.


 scooters should have dedicated parking spots every two or three blocks in the urban core.


Private operators should pay a fee for this parking.

Any scooter not parked in these spots could be subject to fines, passed on to the user by the scooter company.

And cities should include scooters in their overall transit plans including massive scooter parking near major train, metro and bus stations, etc.


 some of the scooters have inferior batteries.

There needs to be standards and regulations for types of batteries used, recalls when they explode or catch fire (happened several times) and most importantly, how the batteries are recycled and disposed.

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