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Published by jack elliot


Everyone knows that Johnson is a liar, everyone knows that he is immoral..how many children does he have?

So, What kind of party would make him their leader, would it be the same party that had David Cameron as its leader, remember Cameron the Prime Minister who ran away after the Brexit vote, the same party that had another liar in charge of welfare...Ian Duncan Smith, the same party that had Osborne as its chancellor, the same party that had T.May as its leader.

What kind of party would have these people in positions of authority, it has to be a party of liars, an immoral party, a party that hates the people it serves by imposing years of unnecessary austerity on them...You heard one of their kind only yesterday saying that the great British public were so thick that they could not spell Pinocchio!

You are not voting to put lying, immoral Johnson into power, he is already our Prime Minister, we should be voting to get his likes out of power.

Surely the British people have not sunk so low that they want Johnson in power?

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