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. “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”



As I love maypoles, bright colours and freedom of mind and body, I'm glad I wasn't born in the interregnum. And no one can dispute that the Cavaliers had a more stylish dress sense.

That doesn't mean I'm not deeply grateful for Lilburne, Winstanley, Pym, Prynne, Hampden, Milton, Marvell and all the others who by writing, or engaging in political & military action, helped wrest power from the monarchy and Church. Despite their own religio-totalitarian tendencies, they helped create secular democracy. We owe them immeasurably.


June 15th 1381 - Richard 2nd agrees to the following terms put forward by the leaders of the Peasants Revolt:

- land rents were reduced to reasonable levels.
-the Poll Tax was to be abolished.
-free pardons for all rebels.
-charters would be given to the peasants laying down a number of rights and privileges.
-all "traitors" were to be put to death
(the traitors being those gentry and clergy who supported the idea of the Poll tax, set during a time of plague and famine, requiring peasants to find cash rather than goods, and though suposed to be a one off, had been collected 3 times, rising from 4d per adult to 12d)

Within a month, Richard had gone back on his word and rubbed it in with this jolly speech...

"You wretches are detestable both on land and on sea. You seek equality with the lords, but you are unworthy to live. Give this message to your fellows: rustics you are, and rustics you will always be. You will remain in bondage, not as before, but incomparably harsher. For as long as we live we will strive to suppress you, and your misery will be an example to posterity”



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Hello Jack<br /> Well needless to say Richard 2nd was an SOB. Bet he is still burning in hell. But yes, democracy lives on!
I agree he was not a very good person indeed<br /> .