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Published by jack elliot

Contemplate the works of nature 




There is for a free man no occupation more worthy and delightful than to contemplate the beauteous works of nature and honour the infinite wisdom and goodness of God.


Over 150 years ago, King Wilhelm 1 of Württemberg,

a nature enthusiast inspired by the recent

(new to Europeans)

discovery of Sequoias in California,

ordered a large number of seeds

and began planting them in gardens and parks

around Württemberg,

much as was done in Britain and France around the same time (the trees were known as "Wellingtonie")


Today there is a stand of 44 Sequoias near at Stuttgart,

in a little-known city park.

They were planted by a gardener named Schickler,

on his own initiative;

he was considered an expert on foreign tree species

and either appropriated the seeds to "experiment"

with or was given carte blanche by the king.

It's always very humbling going past these 150+ yr.

old trees- still relatively juvenile-

and thinking about all that has happened in the world

since they were planted.


Germany has finally resolved to focus on regenerating

its forests,

which have suffered decades of neglect,

pollution and climate stress,

and the 300- odd Sequoias scattered around this state

are a reminder of how effective and long-lasting

a concentrated period of planting can be.

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Hello Jack,<br /> They are beautiful trees! Did you ever hear of "Angel Oak" She is on Johns Island, South Carolina, USA. If you have a few extra minutes take a peak at our beautiful Oak. She stands about 5 miles from my home, and I am in awe of her! Have seen many of the Sequoia in the north west but none like Angel Oak.<br /> Enjoy your day!<br /> Trish
thank you<br /> <br /> trees are brilliant indeed<br /> <br /> /