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Published by jack elliot



I have always loved a decent chicken soup,

especially when I've got a cold,

or it's cold weather,

but when I make one it tastes good

and actually contains things other than chicken

that are known to be beneficial


Chicken wings are ideal,

they're cheap and full of the fats that make soup medicine, crack the bones before boiling them,

then simmering for a few hours,

only strain off scum,

the fat is key to taste and health

Plenty of garlic and any other member of the allium family, they're full of a wide range of compounds that give cardiovascular protection, anti-cancer activity, lower blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and provide anti-clotting benefits alongside anti-inflammatory effects.

Any root veg works,

but a good mix will add plenty of vitamins,

minerals and taste for very little cost
Turmeric is a must for health benefits

and as far as I'm concerned, taste too


Always make as much as you can,

you will eat it all,

because it tastes great and it's as cheap as food gets

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Hello Jack,<br /> May I add that I always add a little vinegar. Cider or wine vinegar. It just gives it a bit of zip!<br /> Thanks for posting this!<br /> Take care....
a chicken soup in winter is brilliant